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Coronavirus Resources

FAQ – Covid Vaccination Programme


Order your prescriptions online by signing up to SystmOnline using this this access form. You may wish to email your completed application form to [email protected]. Please include a contact telephone number (preferably mobile) and we will contact you to complete some identity checks.


Carers Support Information


Guidance for Diabetic patients and Covid-19 

Sick Day Rules Type 2 Diabetics

Sick Day Rules Type 1 Diabetics


Medicine Sick Day Rules


Extended Use of Long Acting Reversible Contraceptive Methods


Letter regarding exemption from wearing face coverings


Guidance note for parents of children returning to school

COVID19 is unlikely to cause a serious illness in children, but please remember children can still become seriously unwell from other causes that are always around. Please do not let concerns over COVID19 stop you from contacting medical services. If you are not sure if your child needs to be seen please go to for advice or contact 111 or your GP. Please remember you cannot have a COVID19 test at your surgery or local emergency department. For information about crying babies go to If your child is severely unwell call 999 or go to ED.